Energy Auditing

In Ogni, our energy audit services, understand that conducting an Energy Audit is crucial in understanding the energy usage and specific energy needs of a building. Through such an activity, the Facility or the Building Managers will be able to find out answers to the questions raised through benchmarking a facility.

Further, the process will also lead to uncovering the plausible causes for energy inefficiencies and scope for improvements that can achieve through implementing facility-specific Energy Conservation Measures (ECMs).

At Ogni, in energy auditing, our Energy Engineering team has all the required skills and expertise gained through their vast experience in the field to conduct energy audits that follow guidelines and standards provided by the American Society of Heating Refrigeration and Air-Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE).

Level I –Through Analysis:

It involves a simple review of utility bills, a quick walk-through of the facility followed by interviews with facility personnel. This preliminary audit potentially helps in understanding some of the easily noticeable problems in the building.

Level II – Energy Survey and Engineering Analysis:

This analysis includes, in addition to the initial walk-through, a detailed energy analysis, solutions, and life cycle costs for each measure. It also covers potential changes to operation and maintenance procedures and a list of possible capital-intensive rules that require more analysis.

Level III – Detailed Analysis of Capital-Intensive Modifications:

This level involves large capital investment projects that require intensive data collection, measurements, energy modeling, and large-scale implementation. This analysis is typically for projects that involve long term implementation and detailed project life cycle requirements.

To sum up, our energy auditors use intensive analysis to determine what is best for your company in reducing the energy that is used. Energy audit services tend towards energy-efficient methods that deliver cost-effective results.