Energy Benchmarking

What is Energy Benchmarking?

The process of comparing the measured performance of energy in a targeted facility with that of the peers in the related market is called, Energy Benchmarking. This is actively used in comparing energy consumption patterns and thereby providing methods to reduce consumption and improvising the construction.

Through the use of our own proprietary tools along with the Energy Star Portfolio Manager, we provide our Energy Benchmarking services to our customers in understanding the energy performance of their building with relevance to similar buildings in the market and help them identify the opportunities present to reduce their extra energy costs.

Even though the market players consider that gathering of energy consumption data and analyzing it for reducing their energy costs can be a challenging task, in our group we are equipped with all the necessary tools, equipment, and all the necessary skills with an expert staff to provide our customers with the most efficient energy benchmarking solutions.

Through our Energy Benchmarking services, our customers are benefitted with the following services:

  • Educate building managers/owners about the benchmarking ordinance.
  • Verify energy utility bills and review submitted benchmarking information.
  • Assist in establishing energy consumption patterns.
  • Determine improvement areas and smart capital investments to reduce energy costs.
  • Provide a detailed summary of energy benchmarking results, potential energy savings, energy incentive, energy rebate information, and potential greenhouse gas reductions.

The Ogni Group has provided energy services for different types of facilities such as Hospitals, K-12 Schools, Colleges, Retirement Homes, Warehouses, Garages, Community Centres, Recreation Centres and Multifamily facilities to name a few.