Retro Commissioning

The process involved to improve the operational efficiency of the equipment and systems of an existing building is called as Retro-Commissioning. The process of Retro-Commissioning can help in resolving problems that occur during designing or construction stages, or also in addressing problems that have evolved during the life of the equipment and systems of the building.

Retro-Commissioning is the application of the commissioning process to an existing building. Over time, commercial and industrial buildings frequently undergo operational and occupancy changes that challenge the mechanical, electrical and control systems, which hinder optimal performance.

The Retro-Commissioning process identifies repairs or enhancements to the existing equipment of the building, which will lead to a reduction in energy consumption and improve occupancy comfort. Commissioning can be particularly effective for new facilities and with new equipment.

The Ogni Group has experienced and skilled engineers that will be able to provide efficient and effective Retro-Commissioning services for any kind of facilities, including both, new and old. The staff of the Ogni Group has worked on various Retro-Commissioning projects in different types of facilities with partners such as Ingersoll Rand, OpTerra Energy Services, and The City of Chicago.

The Ogni Group is a trade ally partner with ComEd for the RC-x Building Tune-up the program which offers incentives for implementing building tune-up projects.