Environment and Sustainability

Businesses and consumers are responding to climate change rapidly.  Organizations around the globe are making long term commitments to climate action by implementing strategies and investing capital into environmental and sustainability goals.  These changes have led to a major market shift that asks not if you are investing in the environment but how much are you investing in the environment. 

Ogni can provide unique value to commercial and industrial customers by developing a customized roadmap to meet their energy and environmental goals.  Utilizing demand reduction, renewable production, GHG offsets, and behavioral and operational changes, Ogni can provide a turnkey sustainability plan from start to finish.   These customized and highly valued solutions allow our customers to realize benefits to the “triple bottom line” that contributes to the Planet, to People, and to Profit.

Ogni can help any customer meet Environmental and Sustainability goals through tools such as:

  • GHG (Greenhouse Gas) Emissions Calculation
  • Carbon Footprint Analysis
  • Renewable Feasibility Studies
  • Turnkey Energy Efficiency Projects
  • Industrial environmental technology solutions